Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions:

  • You have to be of 16 years of age to be a member at TribeFit.
  • Your access card must be carried and must be swiped at reception on each visit to gain access to the Club. Your membership card remains the property of TribeFit and must be returned when the membership ends. If you lose it, you must buy a new one at a cost of AED 50. If you forget it, smile nicely and we’ll let you in this once.
  • No Refunds. You understand that under all circumstances your membership is non-refundable.
  • Cancellation of upfront paid membership fees is not permitted and is non-refundable.
  • Membership can only be transferred by applying to the Club for a ‘Transfer of Membership’.
  • Monthly Membership: - Monthly membership dues will be automatically charged during the course of the month from the credit or debit card provided. If for any reason the credit or debit card becomes inactive, it is your responsibility to provide the Club with new card details. Failure to provide an active credit/debit card may result in the termination of the membership.
  • Non usage of the Club shall not relieve you from the obligation to pay monthly membership dues.
  • W12M is an open ended membership with a minimum commitment of 12 months. In exceptional cases request for cancellation may be granted and a cancellation fee of 1 month’s fee will be applicable. A cancellation request, duly signed by the warrior, needs to be completed at the Club’s reception.
  • Freezing your Membership: Memberships can be frozen as follows: - W6 for 15 days and W12 for 30 days. You can freeze your membership only if:

ALL these conditions are met: (1) You need to fill out and sign a “Freeze Request Form” at Reception. (2) You will need to pay the freeze fee. (3) You need to provide a minimum of 7 days’ notice. (4) All your payments are up-to-date.

  • Membership Renewal: - You must renew your membership before expiry to be eligible for our renewal offer.
  • Club Etiquette: - With the multi-cultural nature at Tribe, all changing room users are requested to respect laws and customs with regards to modesty.

Warriors are required to wear proper fitness attire at all times when exercising. The use of mobile phones with camera features or any other type of visual recorder in the changing rooms and the rest of the Club is strictly prohibited.

  • Personal training can only be done by Tribe's Fitness Warriors. Member to member training is NOT permitted and could lead to termination of membership.
  • Lockers will be cleared daily. Lost property will be kept for 1 month after which the management will dispose of the items in any way it deems fit. No claim will be entertained after this period. Management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to contents kept in lockers for any reason whatsoever.
  • Tribefit may terminate a warrior’s membership at any time for breach of the terms and conditions or generally undesirable behavior as determined by Tribefit management. Warriors will NOT be entitled to a refund of any portion of initial fees or dues paid on the date of termination.
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax).
  • VAT will be duly applied on the gross invoice value in accordance with the UAE VAT Laws & Regulations with effect from 1st January 2018.
  • Payment to be made via online channel or can be paid in cash at the Club.
  • Order confirmation will be subject to final approval by the Club Management


  • I participate in the activities at Club at my sole risk and responsibility. I assume the risk and responsibility for any injury, death, or property damage resulting from my participation in the activity.
  • I have read, understood & agreed to the above terms & conditions & that my order can be cancelled if any information provided to the Club in the order booking form or on the checkout page is found to be untrue at any later date.